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Lee Njiru drums support for Ruto: I’m no one slave

Lee Njiru, President Daniel arap Moi’s long-serving press secretary, has upheld the United Democratic Alliance’s Paul Chebor, Raymond Moi’s fiercest rival in the Rongai parliamentary seat race, in front of Monday’s decisions.

Mr Njiru, a confided in assistant of Mzee Moi for more than 40 years, made the disclosures on Wednesday when he facilitated the Kenya Kwanza unit drove by Deputy President-elect Rigathi Gachagua at his Geranium resort in Ngata, Nakuru County.

Mr Njiru, who resigned last year following 43 years in the common help, said it was clear “Dr William Ruto orders an immense continuing in both Mt Kenya and the Rift Valley districts”.

“It is, thusly, not astute to conflict with the Ruto wave in the districts. Anyone contradicting some common norms in the districts can not get by,” he told the Nation.

He attested that he has the opportunity to help anybody or any political outfit that he considers fit.

A file image of Lee Njiru

Lee Njiru support Ruto’s man

He refered to Mzee Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga as conspicuous individuals who additionally changed their political devotion in their time, saying “everything revolves around decision and timing”.

“No one possesses Kenyans. Kenyans are no one’s slaves. Similarly, no one possesses individuals of Rongai, they can constantly settle all alone,” Mr Njiru added.

On Wednesday, the Gachagua-drove Kenya Kwanza group held a consultative gathering with him in Ngata before they raged different pieces of Rongai to lobby for Mr Chebor, false name Mamba.

The gathering united in excess of 2,000 pioneers and assessment shapers from the body electorate.

Mr Njiru, interestingly, transparently upheld Mr Chebor.

Political savants currently say his help for Mr Chebor could support the last option’s numbers in the cosmopolitan voting demographic.

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