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It’s right for your partner to have your bank account &Mpesa pin, that’s accountability: Marriage coach Keith Dindi advise.

On their Facebook page@Thriving couples, Keith posted on how it is important to have a financial intimacy with your partner where you can share your money details with him/her.

He went ahead to explain how their car was stolen and when he went to a car bazaar and got a car he liked, he had to first ask his wife whether to buy it.


“A few months ago I walked into a car bazaar and liked a car. I liked everything about it and I knew we had money to buy it. I remember the shock on the salesman face when I told him I liked the car but I would buy it if my wife approved. You’re the man of the house just surprise her with the car, the salesman told Keith..

He explained that accountability can only be built by being consistent in what you said you will do and looping in your partner in what you want to do.

He added that when it comes to financial intimacy and accountability it’s about “our money” regardless of who God has blessed the family through. Henceforth, it’s okay and very right for your partner to know how you spent the money and even have access to your bank account and Mpesa.

What’s your thoughts on this? would you share you bank credentials with your partner? leave a comment.

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