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LGBT members protest over Magoha’s directive on gay students.

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Members of the LGBT community marched through the streets of Nairobi on Thursday.

The community opposes Education Minister George Magoha’s proposal to expel same-sex students from boarding schools.

In December 2021, CS Education announced that same-sex students should not go to boarding schools, but should go to day schools near their homes.

CS Magoha

Now the LGBT community is blaming Magoha for setting up a profile for students based on their sexual orientation.

“We grew up in a country that struggled, when we try to express ourselves, the system comes for us. We can never be silenced again … our children will be safe. We will do anything. If we die, we will die so that the next generation will live.

We will no longer be left in a system that benefits homosexuals … where a cabinet secretary may come up with an order to seduce children. They are meant to be protected and not to be sexually abused, “said a woman leading the protest.

“No more violence! Gay rights are human rights! We will not be silenced again! Gays, lesbians, gays, transgender people are in Kenya, “said protesters.

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