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“Lift the curfew and allow hustlers back to grinding,” Itumbi pleads with president Uhuru.

Former state house strategist turned blogger Dennis Itumbi has send a message to President Uhuru that has got Kenyans excited.

The TangaTanga blogger made the message on the wee hours of Today morning in a tweet that was aimed at the president, this time however not talking about the hustler vs dynasty politics but the current welfare of the local mwananchi.

In his tweet, Itumbi pleaded with Uhuru to now lift the curfew and allow the hustlers a chance to get back out there grinding,.

courtesy twitter @Dennis Itumbi

This comes a time when many Kenyans have been waiting to hear from the President and hope he takes away the restrictions considering the vaccine is already available.

Kenyans fully supported Itumbi as they too joined in asking the President to do away with the curfew.

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