List of 10Mega loans President Uhuru plans to take before retiring on August

According to a source, new information has come out recently about the 10 major loans that President Uhuru Kenyatta plans to take from different banks around the world before he retires. According to a report released , it was reported that the government is expected to borrow billions of shillings from China, Japan, France and other countries. The money will be used by the government to implement some of the projects initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the country.

The top ten countries expected to provide our national loan include

  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. France
  4. German
  5. Italy
  6. Belgium
  7. Spain
  8. South Korea 9 Denmark
  9. Sweden.

Other loans that Kenya will take from other countries include; Belgium (Ksh 4,561,124,881), South Korea (Ksh 3,686,000,000), Spain (Ksh 2,656,000,000), Denmark (Ksh 1,549,929,500) and Sweden (Ksh 1,077,731,000).

In addition, the Treasury disclosed that the loans will finance various projects implemented in various government ministries and departments.

Of Japan’s 31 billion shillings, 17 billion shillings will go to the Government Infrastructure Department under the Ministry of Transport, with the Ministry of Energy receiving more than 9 billion shillings.

In addition to loans from foreign governments, Kenya will also seek funding from international financial institutions.

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