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List of Banned words classified by NCIC as Hate speech.

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The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has released a list of words from that vocabulary that translates into hate speech or incitement to violence.

INCC Chairman Rev. Samuel Kobia stated on Friday, April 8 that the lexicon words chosen by the Commission tend to incite violence between different communities when used.

Samuel Kobia

The listed words are in a variety of dialects including English, Swahili, Sheng and various local languages.

The words that are forbidden to be used in English include smoking, dumping and murder.

Words banned in Swahili include Kaffir (derived from the Arabic term Kafir which means disbeliever or one who conceals the truth), madoadoa (dots), chunga kura (secure the vote), mende (cockroach ), watu wa kurusha mawe (people who throw stones), watajua hawajui (they will know that they do not know), wabara waende kwao (people from off the coast should go back to their homes), wakuja (those that come), Chinja Kafir (kill the infidel) and kwekwe (weeds).

Sheng words which have been flagged include Kama noma noma, Kama mbaya mbaya (If it is bad, then it is bad), Hatupangwingwi (No one can arrange us) and operation Linda Kura (secure the vote).

In Kikuyu, the words flagged include Kihii (uncircumcised man), Uthamaki ni witu (the Kingdom is ours), and Mwiji in Kimeru (uncircumcised man).

Others include Kimurkeldet (brown teeth), Otutu labotonik (uproot the weed), and Ngetiik (Uncircumcised).

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