List of Nairobi Area that will have shortage of Water

Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company Ltd (NCWSC) will close the water supply pipeline on Uhuru Highway due to the ongoing construction of Express Way / Mombasa Road from 6:00 am on Wednesday 27 April 2022 Thursday, April 28, 2022, 6: 00 AM

“Areas that will be affected include the entire downtown area, Ngara, Parklands, Aga Khan Hospital, Limuru Road, University of Nairobi University and Parkland Law Campus,” the statement said. that.

Nairobi Water added that it would take time to repair leaky pipes along the 27-kilometer stretch, especially around the Uhuru highway.

“This will facilitate the repair of major leaks of new water pipes that were relocated to Uhuru Park along Uhuru Expressway to allow the release of the road belt by the highway contractor.

“The works will also involve the installation of a soft valve for controlling water supply in the main commercial area of ​​Uhuru Park,” Nairobi Water said.

Other areas that will be affected by the supply disruption include Mombasa Road and Jogoo Road areas such as Buruburu and Central Luck.

“Areas that will also be affected include farms along Mombasa Road, South B and South C areas and suburbs, University of Nairobi’s main campus. Coca-Cola Factory, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and EPZ Athi River.

“Industrial Zone, Chief of Staff Unit and Administrative Police Training Schools in Embakasi, Embakasi Village, Tassia 1 and Finance Estate, Rooster Road areas: City Stadium, Maringo, Bahati, Buruburu and surrounding areas will also be affected. , “the notice stated. in part.

In addition, the agency said it will ensure that the work is completed on time to restore normal water conditions.

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