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Little known history of the famous Talai clan

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The Talai clan comprises 5 known families: Kapturgat, Kapsogon, Kapchesang, Kapmararsoi and Kapsonet. He is believed to have supernatural powers and whatever he uses, blesses or curses happen.

Under colonial rule, they were displaced from their homes in Nandi and Kericho districts and relocated to parts of Nyanza in defiance of colonial rule. However, they are treated with contempt and fear by the Kalenjin clans and talk about events that make them afraid.

The members are believed to have originated in one of the clans of the Maasai family – the Lot of Oloibon and originated in the mid-1800s during the Nandi-Maasai war. One dynasty with Olenana (lenana), Mpatian and Senteu (Sensation). It is not uncommon to find Talai sharing the same names as the Maasai such as Loiyoki, Nasieku, Nganai and many others.

This is the lineage from which the physician Orkoiyot came. He led the family in a cattle raid and ordered the rain to fall. It was in this way that Orkoiyot Koitalel Arap Samoei led the Indians in a 10-year revolt against the British between 1895 and 1905 when he was assassinated, and his death his family was evicted from their ancestral homes and removed from Gwasi, Mbita and Mfangano Island there. . South Nyanza.

The rest were collected and sent to Kapsisiywo land between the 2 Kiutang and Birei rivers to be attacked by flies and mosquitoes. A similar operation was carried out in Kericho and Bomet and the rest were housed in the Kipchimchim and Nyakacho camps. The British feared their presence on the grounds that the clan had “evil forces” that caused the community to push them away. Converted Christians were called into question, and those who became priests were spared.

The Talai elders have often been appointed by various leaders, including 4 Kenyan presidents, including. They presented them as Eliud Kipchoge and several others.

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