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Liverpool’s Joël Matip’s Bid To Play For Cameroon Rejected Again

It seems the door is locked for Joel Matip when it comes to playing for the Cameroon national team again.

The defender, although born in Germany, chose to play for the Indomitable Lions in 2010.

However, since playing for the team in 2015 in a 1-0 win over Gambia, he has stopped playing following complaints of injustice.

The following coaches tried to get him back on the team with good luck. But since Cameroon qualified for the 2022 World Cup, there have been talks that they want to start all over again.

“It is a national team, we do not tolerate people who see themselves as special people. Who just wants to be with us when he sees honey and productivity, we have done a great job alone and we have a lot of respect for the players who respect us.

“I myself have been one of the best teams in Europe, but I have never despised playing for Simba, I think the Matip era is over, he must stay at Liverpool completely, the ones who started this career will end Qatar. it does not matter who they are but they are going to Qatar to enjoy the fruits of their knowledge no one will eat the fruits of their success except them.

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