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Long weekend ahead as govt declares Monday a public holiday

Inside CS Fred Matiangí has pronounced Monday eleventh July 2022 a public holiday to stamp Idd-ul – Adha in a Gazette notice dated eighth July 2022.

CS Matiangí said, “told for general data in exercise of the powers presented by segments 3 as perused with area 2 (2) of the Public Holidays Act (Cap. 110), the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-appointment of National Government pronounces Monday, eleventh July, 2022 a public occasion checking Idd-ul – Adha.”

Idd-ul-Adha basically means ‘Occasion of the Sacrifice’ and is the second and greatest of the two primary occasions celebrated in Islam the other being Eid al-Fitr.

It respects the readiness of Abraham to forfeit his child Ishmael as a demonstration of compliance to Allah’s order.

Nonetheless, before he could forfeit his child, Allah gave him a sheep which he should kill in his child’s place due to his eagerness to forfeit his own child for the sake of God.

In remembrance of this mediation, creatures are customarily butchered.

33% of their meat is consumed by the family which offers the creature, while the remainder of the meat is circulated to poor people and the destitute

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