Look elsewhere to capture: Sakaja to DP Gachagua

Nairobi Governor, Johnson Sakaja, emphasized that he would remain consistent in implementing what is normal, saying to the great people, the cartels and the voice of neglect to look elsewhere for the capture of other counties.

It seems to respond to the disturbing warning of Vice President Rigathi Gachagua based on which he should reduce the implementation of the rules that may torment the Mount Kenya community, Mr Sakaja in his interview on Monday evening at the Royal Media Services said: “There are several things we cannot understand. Stay standing, sticking to him and giving leadership. “

Revealing, Mr Sakaja said: “There is a deeper situation in terms of government … there are a few people who make some decisions … Few people who have a great influence on billions of resources … but arresting the government cannot be stronger than voice of the people. We have the law of the law”.

A photo file of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja

In an obvious attempt to allow Greenhorn’s minion photo that could be threatened to the left, right and station, Sakaja drew a bomb skillfully according to which he was the founder of President 2013 President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He regretted that the same Kenyatta was very difficult to make him contest for the Nairobi Governor’s post for insufficient education “but I am happy that the truth has come out … The judicial system has proved him that he does not take the law of man but the law of the law”.

He said: “I miss a good feeling about freedom ‘Kenyatta friend … politics has divided us but I have no hatred, since I forgave him and I left”.

Being a saying in his story of what he found, the city boss said that he had emerged the usual memory of a man’s struggle where “no pain no benefit, no cross no crown, no guts without glory, no fall without a throne …”

Four applicants went to the court to block his representation, but was approved by the Court and the Electoral Commission and the Independent Boundaries (IEBC) three weeks in the General Election.

“I was kept in front of the court, in the DCI offices (Criminal Investigation Department) for campaign rallies with my office from the same person I had convinced to ‘be president,” he added.

Mr Sakaja revealed how in 2009 at Jomo Gecaga’s house in Muthaiga, they and Anne Waiguru, Antonio Kihara and Marvin Tumbo presented Mr Kenyatta’s figures according to which he could be the fourth president.

“He couldn’t believe … I made the presentation Linda and the statistics and told him that he could be president.

He also recalled that in 2013, Mr Kenyatta’s presidential offer was opposed by a deep state and had given us towels and decided to support Musalia Mudavadi for the first job.

“I directed those who said no to Mudavadi’s consent and I sent delegates to Multimedia University … I didn’t even know how to pay them … it was a day when I became a politician … I sang a meeting room when I was wearing a yellow tie. Full (removal of Kenyatta representation), ”he said.

He added that “I said that there were two Kenyatta – one who decides where his family attended his vacation … and the other who gives our expectations and our dreams … you can’t run from the presidency”.

For political experts, the message is clear. »M. Sakaja is not ready to take orders that interfere with his authority and during his detailed information on his political spirit can only serve a warning that he can play a high level and in the same way reduce the leg.

On December 19 in Nyeri County, Mr Gachagua warned Mr Sakaja that “Mt Kenya made you governor and we are approaching our interests” and “we must be involved in decisions that have an impact on our people”.

Mr Gachagua said he was the one who spoke to Mount Kenya voters and persuaded them to vote for Sakaja.

“I want Sakaja to consider that all decisions that will negatively affect people from Mt Kenya to Nairobi must be discussed. I must be involved. We will not accept anything that is troubling our businesses,” he said.

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