LSK leadership scandals.

Mr Havi, in a statement read out at the company’s headquarters in Nairobi, accused Ms Wambua of remaining in office illegally, colluding with the banks to deny members’ statements of use and non-exchange of signatories.

“Mercy Wambua has remained in office illegally and continues to obstruct the provision of members’ services and disseminate unauthorized and false information to members. In addition, she continued to interfere with the preparation process for investigative audits and disclosure of company accounts,” he said. Mr Havi said.

The chairman of LSK said the company’s attempts to obtain bank statements and scheduled audit documents were thwarted by the CEO, who, despite an early resolution from members to send him compulsory leave, refused to leave office.

Mr Havi said letters and notices sent to institutions said they had always been deleted by the CEO, who, in fear of a planned audit, advised banks not to disclose information owned by the company.

“It is clear that there is a strong connection between Mercy Wambua and the management of all the banks in which the company’s accounts are managed,” Mr Havi said.

But when contacted, Ms Wambua dismissed the LSK chairperson’s allegations as false and false, insisting that her term in office was valid after a court overturned a resolution that sent her a mandatory leave.

The CEO said that the alleged money laundering allegations against Mr Havi had not been substantiated.

“I am the secretary of the board as it is. Nelson Havi despises the court on the grounds that I should not be in office. And yet, I was in the office all day today and the so-called board meeting was never held, ”Ms Wambua said.

“If he, Nelson Havi, says there has been a loss and misappropriation of funds, then he should be able to give you evidence, which I know was not there,” he added.

Mr Havi claimed in his statement that the CEO carried out activities involving millions of rupees without the consent of members, including the opening of a mobile bill number in which millions of rupees were collected without the consent of members. Board members.

“Mercy Wambua continues to call for unauthorized meetings despite the mandatory leave of absence. Eight members of the board, including Mercy Wambua, are not allowed to do business on behalf of the company. All these actions and decisions taken by the nine are inappropriate and ineffective.”

“The eight members of the board are Bernard Ng’etich, George Omwansa, Carolyne Mutheu, Aluso Ingati, Faith Odhiambo, Beth Michoma, Ndinda Kinyili and Riziki Emukule,” Mr Havi said.

Mr Havi and Ms Wambua have been embroiled in a leadership dispute that began last year, after Mr Havi accused the CEO of inciting corruption and embezzlement.

Ms Wambua was sent on compulsory leave by Mr Havi, a decision which some members of the council vetoed, before the case was taken to court.

The LSK chairman would later demand the dismissal of eight board members who voted in favor of the CEO, accusing them of disobedience. This decision, however, was later overturned by the court, pending court action to resolve disputes within the company.

Yesterday, Mr Havi insisted eight members of the board were in office illegally, after a vote of members – which the board fought again – demanded their removal and replacement by new officers.

“The company board is now fully formed and will take office on June 26, 2021 with Maxwel Miyawa, Jane Odiya, George Kamau, Bonbegi Gesicho, Clarise Mmbone, Emmanuel Kyobika, Jamlick Muriithi and Levi Munyeri,” announced Mr Havi.

Nelson Havi

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