Lupita the ant eater

A video catching honor winning Hollywood entertainer Lupita Nyong’o eating insects has inspired blended responses from netizens.

In the video, Lupita is by all accounts at a mixed drink occasion where she entertains herself with a nibble of subterranean insects sprinkled on top of what looks a cut of mango.

“You can call me Ant-Woman!! #Marvel #Ants #Foodie,” Lupita inscribed the video that posted on her Instagram account.

A file image of Lupita eating ants
A file image of Lupita eating ants

Somebody behind the scenes is heard suggesting she takes a stab at eating crickets.

Lupita takes a nibble and shouts, “Its great!”

On the web, while some netizens communicated worry that she really proceeded with it, others were simply hypnotized with her trust in evaluating various treats.

“Clearly subterranean insects are great for your spine haha… old Kenyan fantasy,” previous Kiss 100 radio moderator Kalekye Mumo said.

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