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Mackenzie menu: Shakahola cult leader feasted like a king.

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Shocking details have emerged of how Shakahola priest Paul Mackenzie feasted as king while his followers starved to death.

The number of deaths in the investigation involving the sect following hunger has reached 200 while it is feared that it has reached 500.

Mackenzie’s diet was released on Thursday, showing how she ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, urging her followers to starve to meet Jesus.

The controversial politician behind the International Church of the Good News even had a menu detailing his daily meals borrowed from a major hotel.


Menu by Paul Mackenzie.

A detailed menu found posted on the door of Mackenzie’s farm details his eating regime, which is in stark contrast to the deprivation he advocated for his followers.

According to the menu, Mackenzie only ate a hearty breakfast and skipped dinner twice a week.

On Monday, he ate bread and vegetables for breakfast and skipped dinner altogether.

On Tuesdays, he ate ugali (a cornmeal dish) and vegetables for breakfast, followed by porridge for dinner.

Wednesday consisted of breakfast and pasta and dinner and porridge.

Mackenzie had muthokoi (cornmeal) for breakfast on Thursday, followed again by porridge for dinner.

Friday consisted of having rice and vegetables for breakfast, dinner was left out.

On Saturday they brought tea and pancakes for breakfast, and again, porridge for dinner.

Sunday included breakfast with rice and vegetables, and he ended his day with porridge for dinner.

Evidence outside Mackenzie’s home revealed remains of chicken feathers, indicating he regularly ate chicken, while goat bones were also seen at the scene.

With starvation appearing to be the main cause of death, some victims – including children – were strangled, beaten or overpowered, according to the government’s chief medical examiner Johansen Oduor.

These results raise more questions about the preacher’s contradictory teachings on food deprivation, due to his involvement in beekeeping, growing food crops and building dams for irrigation on his large 800-acre farm.

The revelation emerged on Thursday when Home Affairs Minister Kithure Kindiki visited Mackenzie’s farm in Shakahola Forest, accompanied by senior security officials.

The visit went in parallel with the ongoing search, rescue and excavation activities related to the victims of the tragic events that happened in the region.

Mackenzie is accused of inciting and possibly forcing his followers to starve, showing him that he is the only way to Jesus.

Although he has yet to plead guilty, a court order issued on May 10 extended his detention for three more weeks to facilitate further investigation into the killing that has been dubbed the “Shakahola Forest Massacre”.

The 50-year-old founder of the Good News International Church surrendered on April 14 after the police, taking precautions, first entered the Shakahola Forest.

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