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Madrid Court orders arrest of France footballer Lucas Hernandez.

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A court in Madrid announced on Wednesday that it had ordered the arrest of French defender and Bayern Munich Lucas Hernandez for violating the ban in 2017.

2018 World Cup winner Hernandez is due to appear in court next Tuesday, but has appealed the decision.

The 25-year-old was arrested four years ago for violating a court order that barred him from contacting his girlfriend after a heated argument between the two.


In December 2019, Hernandez was sentenced to six months in prison for violating the ban.

In Spain, those sentenced to less than two years in prison do not usually go to prison, but in this case, since it was a recurring offense, Hernandez was ordered to do so.

In February 2017, Hernandez was arrested after his girlfriend was taken to hospital with minor injuries following a fight between them.

Nor has he filed a complaint against the other, but both have been indicted by the Spanish public prosecutor.

The Atletico Madrid player at the time and his girlfriend were sentenced to 31 days of community service.

They were also ordered not to see each other for six months.

Four months later, Hernandez was arrested at Madrid airport along with a colleague, who had not been arrested as his own order had not yet been formally enforced.

Hernandez was part of the French squad that won the League Cup last weekend.

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