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Magoha: Despite been seen arrogant, I have delivered

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Training Cabinet Secretary George Magoha says he has conveyed during his residency in spite of seeming, by all accounts, to be egotistical.

Talking during a question and answer session in the wake of charging stage 2 Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) homerooms in Embakasi, Magoha expressed that the consequences of his work represent themselves.

Cs Magoha image
Cs Magoha Image

“We are falcons and we soar and we are not apprehensive. What’s more, we convey. We convey to the degree that regardless of whether you like us as falcons, you can proceed to count what we have conveyed,” he said.

“In the case of during that cycle, we have appeared as though we are self-important, then, at that point, we look for your absolution yet not that we are going to change. Birds generally continue to fly. In any event, when the bird is going, he simply vanishes high up.

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