Magoha : I’m ready to go to jail

Hours after reports that Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha and his staff were paid more than Sh10 million in stipends for visiting the country “to screen the appropriation of storage spaces and work areas” in schools, the CS has emerged to protect the installments. Prof Magoha said Monday that he likes to by and by investigate undertakings to guarantee that they are executed appropriately.

“I go to commission projects since I have no faith in anyone. I should ensure that I’m not given reports that can’t be confirmed. It’s such a great deal better to go to prison since you went to investigate something that is there that can’t be out of control, rather than being commended for or blamed for burning through cash that was utilized on something not there.”

Prof Magoha was speaking Monday when he charged a CBC homeroom at Chania Girls High School in Thika West, Kiambu County. He as of late sent off Phase II of the venture that is expected to put 3,503 homerooms to add on to the 6,497 that were developed in Phase I to increment spaces in front of the progress to junior optional school in January one year from now.

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In her most recent review report, Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu had blamed top administration at the Ministry of Education for spending over Sh10 million out of 2020 to pay everyday resource recompenses to staff from Nairobi central command to screen the conveyance of work areas in schools. She contended that the activity might have been finished by staff at area workplaces at “negligible or no expense” by any means.

“The state division has laid out workplaces in all districts and the staff in these workplaces might have been utilized with negligible or no expenses. This consumption was thusly against Section 79(2b) of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 which expresses that a public official utilized in a National Government state organ or public substance ought to guarantee that assets inside the official’s area of obligation are utilized in a manner that is legal and approved and viable, effective, practical and straightforward,” the report peruses to some degree.

The work areas and storage spaces project was essential for a Covid-19 monetary upgrade bundle that was intended to help in friendly separating and advancing nearby craftsmans whose organizations were desolated by the pandemic.

In the interim, during the Kiambu visit Monday, the CS encouraged workers for hire countrywide to assist development of schooling projects.

He added that once schools return to the typical scholarly schedule in January, educators will be overhauled on the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) through school-based programs.

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