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Maina Kageni shares 20 nuggets of wisdom over life .

The past is a good place to visit but it is certainly not a good place to stay. “I’m Kageni

The Classic 105 presenter shared a few points of wisdom about life, fun and overcoming obstacles.

In a social media post, a popular news anchor shared the following 20 points.

  1. Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can lead.
  2. People are not what they say but what they do; So judge them not by their words but by their deeds.
  3. When someone hurts you, do not feel bad because it is a natural law that the tree that bears the sweetest fruit receives a large number of stones.
  4. Take all you can in your life because when life begins to draw you, it takes even your last breath.
  5. In this world, people will always throw stones at your path to success. It depends on what you do with it – the wall or the bridge.
  6. Challenges make life more interesting; overcoming them gives meaning to life.
  7. There is no happiness in victory without the risk of failure.
  8. The unrestricted path does not lead anywhere.
  9. The past is a good place to visit but it is certainly not a good place to stay.
  10. You cannot have a better tomorrow if you think about yesterday all the time.
  11. If what you did yesterday still seems important to you, then you haven’t done much today.
  12. If you do not build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build them.
  13. If you do not climb a mountain; you will not see the plain.
  14. Don’t leave it to work – use your brain 15. You are not paid to have a brain, you are only paid for using it mentally.
  15. It is not what you do not have what is holding you back; this is what you have but you don’t know how to use it.
  16. What you can’t learn can teach you a lesson.
  17. The difference between a corrupt person and an honest person is that a corrupt person has a price while an honest person has value.
  18. If you have succeeded in deceiving someone, do not think that person is stupid … Realize that the person trusted you more than you should.
  19. Honesty is an expensive gift; do not expect from cheap people.

These 20 points were the motivation of Maina Kageni to build a successful profession and enjoy life to the fullest.

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