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Maina Kageni sheds light on Woman he enjoyed Miami trip with.

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Popular radio presenter Maina Kageni was on holiday recently and last week he shared a video where he was in the company of a woman known as Shiro of Kinuthia.


Maina, who has now returned to the country, described Shiro as “the cutest woman,” praising her academic prowess and personality.

Many asked Maina to wear a ring ,as expected ,and they dance together, asking Kenyans to prepare for his big return.

“Shiro Kinuthia or Shiro wa Maina is the cutest person ever, the most funny person and is the doctor who works for her second doctor and her doctor.

“The question everyone is asking is when she returns home. Shiro is coming home next month. Sew the pieces and she will be ready and start practicing soprano and alto,” she said.

In a video she shared two weeks ago, Maina described Shiro as a “Miami colleague,” raising eyebrows to see if the two were anything.

“Look at this woman… called the Shiro of Kinuthia… I’m covered for this week,” Maina said.

In a recent interview with Jalang’o, Maina did not deny the possibility of marriage but insisted that he was in no hurry to stay with the woman.

He cited former Attorney General Sir Charles Njonjo as saying he had been married until he was 50 years old and was still doing well.

“Sometimes marriage is not for everyone but never say it and I believe, do you know why? Sir Charles Njonjo got married at the age of 54 or 59 and is 100 sa … you marry us we will bury you 63.

“You’re the one who’s going to end it, because what married people do is try to follow and have fun. You’re trying to do stupid things, from this world that you think he’ll remember forever, that’s how you kill yourself,” he said.

Adding, “First of all, your wife will have more money than you always have, because she hasn’t spent it, she saves it. So don’t think buying her a Mercedes Benz is a surprise.

Maina also said he loves the freedom that comes with being single because he doesn’t need any “permission” to do what he likes.

“I am a free man. Let’s say Corona is over and I wake up and say I want to be in the United States in two weeks. And I’m going. Do you think you can do this when you’re married? You have to ask your wife, and that’s the hardest thing I can do,” he said.

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