Maize flour prices: Govt orders flour price to drop to 100

Kenyans are set to appreciate marked down maize flour prices after the public authority acquainted an enormous sponsorship with mill operators, powerful Monday, July 18.

In the order, the Ministry of Agriculture coordinated that all retailers ought to sell the two-kilogram bundle of flour at Ksh100, a drop from as high as Ksh230.

The assertion likewise showed that the 1-Kilogram parcel should retail for not more than Ksh52 while the 500-gram bundle should retail for a limit of Ksh30.

A file image of maize flour prices
A file image of maize flour

The endowments, in any case, might be powerful for a month after which the public authority trusts the costs will have fallen back to typical market rates.

“It is concurred between the gatherings that the service will send market observation groups to guarantee that filtered maize flour is sold at the greatest suggested retail cost expressed.

“The market cost of maize (per 90kg pack) as at the date of this agreement is in the scope of Ksh 5,800 and Ksh 6,000. In view of this market value, MOALFC will repay the mill operator for every unit sold,” the assertion read to some extent.

The assertion further noticed that the state will sponsor the staple food’s creation for a time of about a month to pad Kenyans from the high shore of living.

The endowment program will be regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture as well as the National Treasury, Cereal Millers Association and Grain Mill Owners Association.

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