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Maji Maji Artist in tears after his political career is dimmed.

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The unbwogable song, whose lyrics were a mixture of Dholuo, English and Swahili, took the country by storm. It was on the lips of almost everyone and seemed to be the best work in the Kenyan hip hop industry.

Maji Maji and Gidi Gidi were the young artists behind this song. However, when the other songs started, the two of them stopped playing and each went his own way. Gidi continued to dominate the atmosphere through his popular Radio Jambo program as Maji Maji disappeared from the scene and returned to Ghetto radio.

In 2021, Maji Maji declared his intentions to vie for the Seme Parliamentary seat under the ODM party.

On April 21st 2021, reports emerged that Maji Maji had been denied the chance to fly the ODM party ticket.

The incumbent Member of Parliament Dr. James Nyikal was given a direct nomination.

In a photo that made heavy rotation on social media, the artist is in a tight embrace with his mother as they shed tears following the ugly machinations by ODM and the money his son had spent on the campaign trail.

He even mentioned a time when he was almost hit by a car during campaigns.

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