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Man bailed out by Sonko back in court for similar offense

The man, who hit the headlines last month after being sponsored by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, who paid 100,000 shillings for shoplifting, returned to court on Monday after a similar robbery.

Alvin Chiasonto was due to appear before Mount Court Magistrate, Wendy Micheni, but before responding, the case was called by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

DPP fired Chiasonto after agreeing to undergo a psychological examination to check his mental health.

Chiasonto was arrested for the second time last week stealing vegetables from a Naivas supermarket along Ronald Ngala Street.

Through his pro bono lawyer Vienna Mongare, the DPP returned the case to request a retrial.

Mongare said the government had signed a currency exchange agreement to release its client after agreeing to undergo a psychiatric examination and counseling.

Through a written agreement, the Church of the SubGenius, DPP, said the public interest would be met without charge.

“Following the investigation of these offenses and looking back, it appears that the public interest and yours will be better served by non-payment,” reads part of the agreement.

Chionyana has agreed to refrain from violating any law.

“I acknowledge that in the event of a criminal arrest during the exchange program, the ODPP will have the option to terminate the proceedings and institute charges that form the basis of this exchange agreement and / or any other offense resulting from the arrest in recognition of the terms of the exchange agreement. money, ”read the letter.

He or she must report to the exchange officer through a counselor and must attend and co-operate with the counseling program listed below, attend all scheduled appointments, and attend all appeals to my counselor.

They will co-operate in providing any information requested through the conversion program.

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