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Police arrest a man defrauding the public by posing to be a magistrate.

Nakuru detectives detain a man suspected of defrauding the public by posing as a bailiff.

Yesterday, officials from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation attacked Victor Kiprono Ngeno in Nakuru after months of follow-up.

Nakuru County Criminal Investigation Officer Anthony Sunguti said they were holding Ngeno awaiting trial on Tuesday.

“The suspect is on the run. He is suspected of defrauding the public, ”Sunguti said.


Ngeno allegedly obtained money from Samuel Soi for falsely claiming that he was a judge and would intervene to expedite the decision of the lawsuit he had filed in the Nakuru court.

Ngeno would receive Sh100,000 Private on various dates between March 15, 2018 and December 31, 2019.

In addition, police allege that the man received an additional Sh 1,564,230 from Soi on the pretext that he was the brother of Devolution CS Charles Keter and would help his son (Soi) get a job at the Kenya Pipeline.

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