Man expelled out of the village in Kisumu for ‘playing’ with other villagers wives

Kisumu residents woke up with a letter seeking to expel an immoral man out of a village. This is according to the letter addressed to one man identified as Jared Odhiambo.

In the letter, the chief made the decision to expel the man out of the village in what he terms as being immoral after ‘playing’ with other men’s wives.

The Chief recommends the man to vacate the location and find a job elsewhere .

“Due to our meeting with you on 19/2/2021 and o 4/3/2021 , this office now directs you to move away from this location and find work elsewhere.”

“This is as per the threats playing with other villagers wives. Thus was proved by one Alphone Ouma who is married and now at risk of breaking. This office shall be responsible for any calamity comes across you due to the same. “Reads the Chief’s letter.

Do you think there was any other better way of disciplining this man? Was the punishment really fair? Share your thoughts on the comment section.

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