Man sells his house roof to pay hospital bill

One family in Mumias Kakamega County has been left homeless after selling tin to pay hospital bills.

Speaking to TV47, Willy Odhimbo, a man who did the unthinkable, said he had to volunteer to see his son get out of the hospital.

Odhiambo’s eldest son is battling a sickle cell disease and after treatment could not afford to raise Ksh 10,000 for the bill.

Currently, the family is facing a dire situation in Ingusi village, Mumias, hoping that their eldest son will one day recover and lift them out of poverty.

“He was sick and we took him to the hospital, when he came out I was told the bill was Ksh 10,000 so I didn’t know what to do because I had sent his mother to sell our maize farm to get the bill money. “Odhiambo explained.

Odhiambo says his efforts to raise the required funds have borne little fruit as no one has responded to his demands.


“I tried to ask who would lend me the money to pay the bills, but after visiting all the farms, I did not find anyone,” he said.

Odhiambo, his wife and children now live in a four-story mud house with a roof that seems to have been abandoned in the distance.

His wife, Rose, who was not present when her husband sold the sheets, was shocked to find that his house had no roof.

“I was shocked to find that my house had no roof, but I told God there was a reason for it,” Rose says.

The house is currently covered in political paper with Odhiambo and his young family relying on sympathetic people to help them.

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