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Man sentenced to 6month jail-term for scaring Neighbour’s chicken to death.

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A man in China has been sentenced to prison after trespassing on his neighbor’s property and scaring 1,100 chickens to death.

The man, identified only by the surname Gu, infiltrated his neighbor Zhong’s chicken farm and used a flashlight to scare the chickens, causing them to kill each other, reported China Daily.

The light of the flashlight scared the chickens and made them run to the corner of the shed where they stampeded trying to get away.

The incident occurred during a dispute between the two neighbors that began in April 2022, when Gu cut down Zhong’s trees without his permission, the station reported. Zhong’s wife then pulled the trees, which angered Gu.

Gu then sneaks into Zhong’s property one night and startles the chickens by shining a flashlight on them, causing 500 chickens to run into a corner and die in a collision.

The police arrested Gu and ordered him to pay Zhong 3,000 yuan, about Ksh 57,618, but Gu was undeterred.

Gu returned to Zhong’s property a second time and used the same method, which resulted in the deaths of 640 more chickens, according to China Daily.

According to Chinese authorities, the approximately 1,100 chickens that died in the two incidents were worth about 13,840 Yuan, or about $2,015.

A court in Hengyang County, located in central China’s Hunan Province, ruled Tuesday that Gu caused Zhong to lose property, according to China Daily.

The court sentenced Gu to six months in prison and one year of probation.

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