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Man swallows a condom to hide evidence after defiling his daughter.

A man In Embu has left so many Kenyans in shock after he defiled his own 10 year old daughter in the morning.

From the sources, the 50 year old man was busted in the act by the villagers who gave him a thorough beating.

The man is revealed to have swallowed a condom that he had on him to try to conceal any evidence.

Police managed to rescue him before the villagers did any damage on him.

The man was later taken to the hospital later to the police station where he will be arraigned in court to face his consequences.

Villagers talking to Inooro Tv said that , the man was used to defiling the young girl and that it wasn’t his time doing so.

Others added that they suspected that the girl was pregnant and called on the authorities to act fast and justice be served.

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