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Man who claims to be late Kibaki’s grandson cries uncontrollably outside Parliament.

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There was a commotion today in the Parliament grounds where a man, Allan Makana, cried uncontrollably and asked to see the body of former President, Mwai Kibaki, who is in the Parliament building.

Dressed in a pink hat and khaki pants, Mr Makana, who was from the West, found himself shirtless after being overwhelmed by emotions.

It took the action of the people who had come to pay their last respects to comfort him and try to calm him down before seeing Kibaki’s body. Makana claims he is Kibaki’s distant grandson.

“No! Please give me a chance to cry … why are you letting him go so soon? Makana is heard asking with a lot of grunts. He is my president, please. “

The grunts would go on and he seemed to be holding the photographer’s hand looking for answers.

“In fact, she was my distant grandson (sic).” (Maybe he was confused and meant ‘grandpa) …’ and I believed. Why? Why go there soon?

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