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Man who hung onto CS Munya chopper arrested

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A man hijacked a helicopter carrying Agriculture Minister Peter Munya in Igembe South area, Meru County, on Wednesday.

The incident happened in Kiegoi market after Munya managed to hold a public rally on the ground, while the man clung cautiously to the landing skid as the helicopter prepared to take off.

The country’s Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), in a statement on Thursday, said the man had been arrested and the indictment would follow.

“The perpetrator of this incident is in custody and the Authority is coordinating with law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with the law as stipulated in the Air Transport Laws and Regulations,” the official said.

In addition the KCAA discouraged the act which seems to be gaining popularity at public rallies, warning that anyone found outside the immediate area during a helicopter take off will face legal action.

“The authorities strongly insist that boarding a helicopter poses an unnecessary risk to people and property. Citizens who are seen approaching the landing and taking off areas will be considered guilty,” the KCAA wrote.

The authority promised to continue working with key stakeholders and aviation operators “to ensure compliance with operating standards set to ensure public safety and security and property”.

All helicopter pilots were advised to check the safety of their aircraft down before and, if possible, call the police.

The KCAA reiterated that operators have a responsibility to ensure that they adhere to the recommended landing and departure guidelines.

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