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Man who walked over 230km for Mashujaa day left stranded in Kerugoya.

Stephen Kariuki Muigai, who started a week-long procession from Nakuru to Kirinyaga to attend this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations, found himself stranded in a hotel in Kerugoya.

Muigai, 67, walked at least 230 kilometers to attend the Mashujaa Festival held at Wang’uru Stadium in Mwea Town, Kirinyaga County.

He arrived in Kirinyaga at 7pm on Tuesday, October 19.


A group of people, who identified themselves as officers working for the provincial governor, Anne Waiguru, received her and took her to the county chief’s residence in the town of Kagio, near Sagana.

Another group of 50 guests, believed to be Mau Mau heroes, joined him at the governor’s residence.

Muigai and other guests were received “warmly” and upon departure were given rice pishori, tea and bags of coffee and bread.

Waiguru is said to have left the guests in the hands of her aides.

“One of his aides registered me at a hotel in Kerugoya town, promising to pick me up at 7am to take me to Wang’uru Stadium,” Muigai told.

No representative from the governor’s office came to pick him up on Wednesday morning, leaving him stranded, he said.

“It hurts when you walk more than 200 kilometers, but missing the event he was expecting,” Muigai said.

Last year, during a Heroes’ Day ceremony at Gusii Stadium in Kisii County, Muigai was left out of the hall for missing an invitation card.

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