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“Many trained journalist are overlooked just because they don’t have the ‘followers’. It has been our silent struggle.”

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Since the saga of Homeboys radio over the morning show that was hosted by Shaffie Weru and the rest, Netizens have come out expressing their own thoughts and opinion over it. The radio has also been fined by the Communication authority kshs.1 million .

One Kenyan by the name @Jahmbykoikai has also spoken out and has left Kenyan being amazed by the amount of truth she has posted.

She has defended so many graduates who have been professionally trained and with experience who are overlooked just because they don’t have the followers on social media. She also added that so many people who are on mic have no experience and they proudly say that on mic but have the followers hence earning them the chance to work with different media station.

Jahm did not stop it at that she also stated that despite of the untrained media personnel the companies also don’t look at the content that is being aired.

“Most of us, professionally trained broadcast journalist, with experience has been overlooked since the advent of social media. It’s very common to see people spewing hate, vitriol, sexist remarks with no ethics at all, picked from the social media streets and placed in a studio behind a microphone or a screen.

It has been our silent struggle. Our industry became diluted. Experience didn’t matter. But at what cost? It’s become an industry of consideration over merrit.

Every year , universities are churning out broadcast journalists with nowhere to go. If you stand your ground and focus on your values, you’re too feisty and traditional. I’ve been in this space for far too long. Bosses dictating what ‘content’ you should engage in at the expense of???? For TV , we now have to be sexy to be presenters.

I’ve consistently heard how some of these people behind the mic or TV claim to have no influence and that people should mind their own business. A microphone is a powerful tool , it has led to wars , it has brought peace.

May the Kenyan media learn from this and engage in due diligence. There are many unemployed graduates who are also fun and hype. Search for them and train them.” She posted

Don’t you think this person had a point? What’s your thought on all that’s going on? Drop the thoughts on the comment section at the bottom of the page…. Thank you

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