Martha Karua: I will remain in Azimio even if I’m not elected as Raila’s running mate.

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua has vowed to remain in the Union One Kenya Declaration coalition even if she is not elected as Raila Odinga’s running mate.
It comes a day after the appearance of ongoing interviews to find a candidate who could be the deputy candidate for the Union presidential level.

Speaking in Nyeri at the inauguration of the Kabando Nyeri senatorial seat, Ms Karua said her intention to join the coalition was unconditional and did not take place.

“I went to the interview unconditionally … I came in knowing the situation there and will continue to work with them regardless of the outcome,” she said.

Ms Karua continued to support Mr Odinga, saying his record was second only to anyone who opposed his candidacy.

“My story and Raila’s story are the same. He is a patriot who has fought for human rights all his life. I am the Resolution because I know Raila has the interests of the people in his heart … even when he is oppressed,”she added.

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