Mary Nkatha speaks for the first on her relationship with Mike Sonko.

Mary Nkatha, a woman caught in the middle of a revelation from former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, has opened up about her relationship with him.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, Nkatha revealed that she had approached Sonko after rescuing him from prison.

Mike Sonko and Mary Nkatha; image/courtesy

“I was not around until he arrived at the prison and one of his lawyers followed me to help him write a letter of apology to the president,” Nkatha said.

Mary Nkatha has denied Mike Sonko’s allegations that he was her mentor.

“If I am his informant, why should he fight for me?” You are protecting your informant.

In the interview, Massawe asked Nkatha about the kind of relationship she has with Sonko, which would make her show her breasts on camera.

“Many of these Sonko videos have to be subject to a judicial review. I had pointed a gun at them … all these videos … even the one I removed from my breast … provided a questionnaire where I had to answer when he called .. three men. They were holding guns. , ”Nkatha explained.

A few days ago, Mike Sonko posted a video on social media where Nkatha gave him information.

In their conversation, Nkatha was seen showing the former Nairobi governor one of his breasts.

Nkatha added that Sonko was willing to give her Ksh 250 million to be his plaintiff in a court case.

He says he used threats and threats after accepting the offer.

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