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Massage by Steve:I don’t massage male clients, they don’t have boundaries

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Massage therapist Steve has revealed the highest amount he has ever been paid by a male client to have sex with him.

Steve says the suggestion was made by a male fan after it slipped through his DMs. The customer continued to call Steve as his number is on his social media pages.

He says such incidents made him stop rubbing men.

A photo file of massage therapist Steve

Speaking during an interview with Massawe in Japan, he narrated

“I used to work with men but I stopped after I started touching.

I get a lot of men asking me to massage them but I don’t do it anymore.

Men do not know how to respect boundaries. They made my job very difficult by making strange claims and having sex.”

Adding that some men would push her buttons to see if she would agree.

“Some gave me money to sleep with them.

I am fine not to sleep with men.

A client once offered me 260,000 to sleep with me.

He got into my DMs after getting my number from my social network.”

Steve says that contrary to popular belief, men call him to enlist his services for special women in their lives.

“Most of the calls I receive are from men who want to write to their wives.

It is because they are busy and cannot do it for them.

Some men watch, others turn around and come back after finishing. Some ask for live sessions while others ask me to record and send them the video.”

Does he sleep with his clients?

“I don’t sleep with my clients because they don’t pay me when I sleep.

Imagine if I slept with 10 customers, how much would I lose? Besides, it’s not easy to have so many customers.”

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