Matatu fares to hike after the increase of fuel prices

Travelers should be prepared for higher fares, the Three Operators Association said. Rates are expected to increase by 20% in the future.

Speaking in the city of Meru, the President of the Three Operators Association, Jimal Ibrahim said it was unfortunate that prices were rising in line with how Kenyans are suffering from the high cost of living.

He said Matatu operators were also earning a living and the recent rise in oil prices had to rise.

He called on the government to crack down on unscrupulous traders who sell oil at higher prices than recommended by the government.

The chairman, who owns Matatu, Meru County, said he agreed with the party that fares should be increased for all saccos following rising oil prices.

Mwiti said a number of operators are currently unable to repay their car loans resulting in the loss of their trio and loan denial.

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