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‘Mathematician’ Babu Owino gets 0.01wrong

“Arithmetic is the least demanding subject on the planet,” said the Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino in his introductory statements while saying ‘sorry’ to understudies who didn’t have web and cell phones to get to his example during the episode of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, those words came to torment him after he had to erase a number related tweet that he had imparted to his devotees.

Subsequent to erasing his mistaken tweet, he then, at that point, faulted his administrator for it saying the individual was terminated.

A file image of Babu Owino
A file image of Babu Owino

IEBC bad habit seat Juliana Cherera, had the nation attempting to work on rates on Tuesday.

Along with three different chiefs; Francis Wanderi, Irene Masit and Justus Nyang’aya, Cherera guaranteed that Monday’s last official outcomes that made William Ruto the duly elected president were a Mathematical ridiculousness.

She had would have liked to assist Kenyans with sorting out an issue with the pronounced official outcomes.

Everybody was with her so far and afterward “Mazematics” entered the visit unintentionally.

0.01 actual figure [Babu Owino]

“The 0.01% means roughly 142,000 votes which will have a massive effect in the end-product.”

All things considered, she turned into a figure of humiliation as the figures she referenced didn’t make any sense.

Very quickly, Kenyans called attention to the error.

From the all out used to declare the outcomes, peddle looked at Kenyans found that the 0.01 percent she referenced meant a hundredth of what she had cited; that she ought to have referenced 1,420 votes as opposed to 142,000.

Among them was Mr Owino who has in the past shockingly asked Education CS George Magoha to introduce public tests to him for confirmation.

He guaranteed he was knowledgeable in the schooling system and was in a situation to tell which questions should be tried.

“As the secretary-general for youthful parliamentarians, the training CS George Magoha should present the papers to me ahead of time so I can confirm in the event that they have tried what has not been educated,” he said then, at that point.

He had boasted about his scholastic capabilities while making the interest to Prof Magoha.

“I have gone through school and passed exceptionally, I went to college and concentrated on actuarial science and regulation, I have two graduate degrees in both regulation and actuarial science, I scored 403 imprints in KCPE, so I am overqualified in confirming tests and, as a matter of fact, I could in fact set them,” he said.

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