Maureen Waititu responds yo Frankie and Frankie break up

The bomb of the year came at the beginning of the year with the announcement yesterday that Frankie Kiarie aka JustGymIt and his fiancée, Corazon Kwamboka, had broken up.

That crazy story was dropped by Corazon herself who wrote a simple and short message on her Instagram page,

When Kenyans went to Corazon page to respond to the news, there was a comment from someone we had all been looking for.

Of course,Frankie’s first mother, Maureen Waititu, who divorced her gym teacher.

So what was Maureen’s message? A simple post where she mourned over the weekend, writing: “Bad weekend, this is over! 💨”

In her post, a mother of two can be seen enjoying the sunlight while smiling. All I can say is that her answer is very mature.

She could have taken this opportunity to celebrate the end of Frankie and Corazon’s relationship, but she did the wise thing: take the high road different from the fans in her comment section who were driving about the news.

Let us not forget that, as was the case with Corazon, Frankie and Maureen’s separation came unexpectedly or something like that.

Their separation was so bad that they entered a shameful war of words in 2020 against Maureen and Frankie and Corazon.

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