Mavado’s son found guilty of murder, To be sentenced on 30th March.

Dantay Brooks the son of dancehall musician David Brooks alias Mavado has been guilty of arson and murder of Lorenzo Thomas alias Israel in 2018. Andre Hinds was also found guilty of the same crime which happened in Cassava Piece , St Andrew.

The two will be sentenced on 30th March . Supreme court judge Justice Leighton Pusey was handling the case in which Lorenzo’s body was burnt to ashes after his house was torched.

The trial took 12 days from January 11th with 14 witnesses testifying among them being the deceased father. The court was told that Lorenzo’s father had been informed about the plan of having his son murdered and arranged for a different place for him to sleep.

According to witness counts, at 3.30 am the door to his son’s front bedroom was broken into and explosion’s were heard. The deceased was seen falling to the ground and the two accused guys were seen, The deceased father said that Mavado’s son said that he [the father] should not be killed.

The father to Lorenzo said that had the cutlas/panga not been blunt , the son’s head would have been chopped. He went ahead on to say that his son was shot at severally untill the gun got empty.

Later, gasoline was spilled on Lorenzo’s body and got burnt. Fire fighters came later on to try save the situation.

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