Meaning of the viral Dholuo word,’Twak Makende’ aired on launching of Ramogi Tv.

Royal Media Services launched its Luo TV channel, Ramogi TV, on Monday 29th.

The launch was one of a kind as celebrities graced the occasion.

Citizen TV journalist Trevor Ombija was among the big names in front of the cameras.

Raila Odinga represented politicians and leaders from the community targeted by the center.

He spoke to Dholuo during a short interview with Ramogi TV.

Kenyans chose some vocabulary from Raila’s speech because they found some interesting words.


Among them is “Twak Makende” which Kenyans enjoyed and have since shared extensively on social media.

“Twak Makende” translated into English is a special conversation or dialogue,conversation and discussion.

Other words that were common when the channel was launched were:

Wang’liech – Television.

Nyamburko – Car or truck.

Nyako – Girl.

Wuoyi – Boy.


Jaod Bura – Member.

Od Bura – Bunge.

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