Meet Asia Brown, Vera Sidika finally unveils her daughter’s face.

Vera Sidika has finally revealed the face of her daughter, Asia Brown, for the first time, a month after giving birth safely during scheduled surgery.

From the photo taken by Vera Sidika, we can confirm that the Asian child is the mother of the mother. This is because the Asian child is more like his mother, especially in the form of his face and his dense character; but it also looks like a father as they all have beautiful skin.

vera sidika and Mauzo brown

Introducing her to the online community, Vera Sidika shared a lovely portrait of Asia wearing a maroon dress as a princess that she wrote;

God gave us a piece of paradise. Meet Asia Brown @princess_asiabrown 😍

Baby Asia Brown

All we can say is that Vera Sidika certainly made a good choice for the settlement of Brown Sales who has been proven to be a supporter of good genes – who has now been adopted into an Asian child.

Based on the photo shared above, we can also say that Asia is similar to her older sister (Brown Sales ’eldest daughter) and yes, the singer should be proud of her work.

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