Mega Millions: Here are the six winning numbers

Now is the ideal time to really look at your tickets for the Mega Millions Jackpot.

The drawing for Friday night’s $1.28 billion Mega Millions bonanza – the second biggest in the game’s set of experiences – occurred minutes prior.

Here are the triumphant numbers: 67, 45, 57, 36 and 13. The Mega Ball was 14, while the multiplier was 2X.

Data what’s need to win, the chances of securing everything and what occurs in the event that nobody wins can be found underneath.

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A file image of Mega Millions Jackpot ticket
A file image of Mega Millions Jackpot ticket

How Do You Win the Mega Million Jackpot?

Players in the Mega Millions can either have five numbers haphazardly created for them, or they can pick their own five numbers somewhere in the range of 1-and-70, as well as a 6th number, a “Uber Ball.”

In the event that a player matches each of the five of their numbers and the “Uber Ball,” then they would leave with the bonanza in the drawing.

Obviously, the bonanza isn’t the main award accessible in the game.

On the off chance that a player matches every one of the five numbers, yet entirely not the “Uber Ball,” they would win $1 million, as indicated by authorities.

Matching four numbers in addition to the “Super Ball” would net the player $10,000. Matching four numbers without the “Super Ball” would procure the player a $500 prize.

Matching three numbers and the “Uber Ball” is valued at $200.

Matching three numbers, or matching two numbers and the “Uber Ball,” will win a player $10.

Matching one number and the “Super Ball” is valued at $4, and matching the “Uber Ball” merits a $2 prize.

Players in Illinois likewise have the choice of adding a $1 “Megaplier” to their $2 ticket. That would twofold the worth of any non-bonanza prize, remembering matching the five numbers for the drawing.

What Are the Odds of Winning?

As per authorities, the chances of matching each of the five numbers and the “Uber Ball” number are 1-in-303 million.

By correlation, a few evaluations hold that you have a 1-in-9 million possibility being struck by lightning on two separate events.

Where Does This Jackpot Rank Among the Largest of All-Time?
The goliath $1.28 billion big stake stays the country’s third-biggest award and is the aftereffect of 29 continuous drawings without anybody matching the game’s all’s six numbers. That last time somebody hit the Mega Millions big stake was April 15.

The main awards that were bigger were all definitely worth $1 billion, including the unsurpassed record big stake of almost $1.6 billion in a Jan. 2016 Powerball drawing.

The Mega Millions drawings in Oct. 2018 ($1.5 billion) and Jan. 2021 ($1 billion) are the main other two big stakes to surpass hit the $1 billion imprint.

How Might I Buy Tickets for the Mega Millions Jackpot?

Tickets cost $2, and can be bought at large number of retailers all through Illinois and Indiana.

Locally, the Illinois Lottery site and application likewise permits players to buy tickets on the web.

Imagine a scenario where No One Wins.

Assuming nobody wins the Mega Millions bonanza, lottery authorities expect the award will develop to $1.7 billion for the following drawing Tuesday, making it the country’s biggest lottery prize.

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