Men caught smuggling KFC.

New Zealand police have arrested two men trying to reach Auckland tied up with a “full car trunk” to take KFC and more than $ 100,000 in cash, a police spokesman said.

Police allege the men were gang members who tried to escape from a checkpoint

They were charged with violating public health regulations

At that time Auckland was under Alert Level 4, at which time restaurants and catering services were closed
The police revealed that after the search money and bags of picks was found.

Police photos show three buckets of chicken, 10 boxes of koleslaw, four large KFC bags full of other items and a lot of money.


Police said the two men – aged 23 and 30 – were gang members, who allegedly turned around and tried to flee when they saw police at a checkpoint.

The men eventually left and said that they had tried to enter Auckland from Hamilton.

More than $ 100,000 in cash was taken from men trying to take him to Auckland
More than $ 100,000 in cash was found on the car.
They will appear in court later for violating a public health order and police have said more charges are possible.

At the time of the arrest, Auckland was under Alert Level 4 – this meant restaurants and cafes were closed and food delivery services such as Uber Eats were not allowed to do business.

Auckland is currently under Level 3 Alert and completed a four-week cancellation at midnight on Tuesday.

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