Microsoft announces windows 11,with new design and start menu.

Microsoft officially confirms the name of the next version of Windows today: Windows 11. After months of jokes, number 11 tips and major Windows 11 leaks, Microsoft’s new operating system is officially launched. The main goal of Windows 11 is to simplify the Windows user interface, the new Windows Store, and performance and multi-task improvements. Windows 11 will also include support for running Android apps for the first time.

The first thing you will notice about Windows 11 is that it includes a new Start menu and an updated Start button located in the center of the taskbar. This UI is very similar to what we first saw in Windows 10X, a project originally designed for two-screen devices that Microsoft eventually reversed. Many UI functions embedded in Windows 10X are visible on Windows 11.

The new Start Menu removes the Direct Tiles previously installed by Windows 8 and selects the most common launches you will find on Chrome OS or Android. There are programs, recent documents, and a separate search interface. Most visually focused features are clearly affected by MacOS and Chrome OS, and Windows 11 also includes rounded corners that we’ve seen on Android and iOS.

Windows chief Panos Panay said “the team deals with every detail”. Windows 11 will also include updated dark and light modes that are much better than what we saw in Windows today.

Windows 11 Snap Sections.
There is also something Microsoft calls Layouts Snap, which allows you to quickly integrate apps into a wide range of Windows 11. It uses the latest version of Windows 11 also to remember where your apps are stored, thanks to something called Snap Groups.

This seems like an important way to help many monitors and ensure that the app is always open on the right screen. This is especially important if you are using a small computer connected to a monitor or a traditional desktop machine with multiple displays.

Performance is also the main goal of Windows 11. Windows updates are 40% smaller and are more efficient because they are now running in the background. I hope this means Windows 11 does not bother you in the middle of work.

Microsoft teams on Windows 11.
Microsoft also includes Microsoft Teams directly on Windows 11 for users. Teams are built into the taskbar, allowing Windows 11 users to call friends, family, or co-workers. Obviously this is a major change from Skype, which was built into Windows 10, and there is a universal mute button in the system tray so you can easily mute your microphone in all apps.

Windows scripts and touch gestures are also a big part of Windows 11. The scripts are custom, AI-based feeds, and are built on scripts that we’ve seen Microsoft launch on Windows 10. It comes in from the left side of Windows 11., and you can do the same. in full screen. Built-in widgets include feeds, weather, and maps.

Interestingly, these widgets also include one that allows you to highlight local creators from Windows 11

Windows Widget.
Microsoft is also improving the signals you can use on tablets and touch targets. Instead of changing the state of the tablet, Windows 11 simply changes to allow you to easily touch the operating system.

In addition, there are improvements in ink and sound printing. And with other styluses, Windows 11 will also support haptic feedback here. This could mean that we will see many new devices that will support this stylus change in Windows 11.

Xbox is a big part of Microsoft, and we’ve also heard from Sarah Bond, Director of Xbox, talking about PC playback with Windows 11. Auto HDR, the Xbox Series X / S feature, will be part of Windows 11. Enabling Auto HDR will add high dynamic range (HDR) for most DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games as long as you have a suitable HDR monitor.

New Xbox software in Windows 11.
Microsoft also promises speed and performance improvements for Windows 11. Direct Storage will be part of Windows 11, a new Xbox Series X / S. Direct Storage service required.

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