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Miguna Miguna vows to sell his properties and renounce his Kenyan citizenship if Raila wins the president seat.

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  • Lawyer Miguna Miguna declared that should Raila win the presidency, he will renounce his Kenyan citizenship
  • Miguna said he will also sell his properties if the ODM leader clinches the top job in the August presidential election
  • Many Kenyans asked him to be careful of what he pledges since it just may happen

Canadian lawyer Miguna Miguna has vowed to sell all his assets in Kenya and also deny his Kenyan citizenship if ODM leader Raila Odinga wins the presidency.

The lawyer, who disagreed with the former prime minister after a forgery oath in January 2018, said he did not want Raila to win the first seat.

On his social media account, the deported lawyer spoke to Kenyans after saying he would sell all his property in Kenya and formally relinquish his Kenyan citizenship.

“If Raila Odinga becomes president of Kenya, I will sell all my property there and deny my citizenship,” he said.

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