Mike Sonko offers to take care of Caroline Kangongo’s children.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko, the former governor, is one of the leaders who spoke on the death of Caroline Kangogo. On his Facebook page, he posted a yellow sweater “Kangogo” that made many Kenyans talk.


He went one step further and volunteered to take care of her children, who received different effects. Some people accuse him of supporting a police officer who has fled and even through other families have lost loved ones because of his actions.

While others appreciated his kindness after he volunteered to be a babysitter for the deceased.
“My special request to his innocent family in Elgeoyo Marakwet is that if you are struggling to educate or raise children please give me, I will take care of them, children are a blessing from God.”

Mike Sonko also expressed concern over the actions of the policeman who had been on the run for almost two weeks by saying , something could have gone wrong elsewhere not that he supported her actions and her voice should have been heard.



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