Mike Sonko reveals why he started recording conversations.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has come forward to reveal why he started recording talks and his first incident when he was forced to put President Uhuru Kenyatta on public microphones.

Speaking to KTN News on Tuesday, November 23, Sonko said he first touched on telephone conversations while rescuing residents of the South B Estate area in Nairobi from the ongoing midnight demolition.

Mike Sonko; image/courtesy

The model forced him to put the head of state on microphones to intimidate more than 400 police officers and other government officials who were overseeing the demolition.

The former town boss claimed he was motivated to develop a habit of recording conversations from groups and hackers who had deep roots in the system he inherited from the previous county government.

“Everything is fine,” he noted. “I only register scams and scams. If you are my friend, you have nothing to fear. But if you come to me with flight plans, I’ll show you to everyone. “

“I do not always register people. When I was governor, I inherited a city known for its corruption and dishonesty. “People came to my office, calling me to try and negotiate deals that would rob the city,” he added. ‚ÄúThat’s why I started recording and showing people. Soon they were afraid of me and stopped stealing from the audience.

Sonko, a man with several cases in court, added that he has nothing to lose and that is why he will not stop publishing videos and other recorded conversations.

“I have nothing to lose. Although I will not return to electoral politics, I must end this war for the 40 million Kenyans who have no chance of justice. If a person like me, able to be fairly abused, what is the role of poor Kenyans?

His desire for recording began to be publicized on November 16 when he first released a video depicting the court’s poor condition.

The allegations reached the point of speculation on social media, #SonkoLeaks, which he released as a series.

At the center of his record is High Court Judge Said Juma Chitembwe. According to him, the videos are part of his great plan to clean up the justice system.

“We have records in the past months of how justice in court goes to the highest bidder. If you give the judge Ksh 100 million, whoever gives Ksh 200 million will win the case. It has nothing to do with justice,” Sonko noted.

The records sparked a storm and forced the Judicial Services Commission to form a panel to investigate allegations made by Sonko.

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