Millicent Omanga conned me Kshs 28k – American pastor claims

An American Pastor has blamed designated congressperson Millicent Omanga for conning him Ksh28,000 that he had paid as store for a house he had leased in Kisii region.

The 54-year-old minister had leased the house at Nyamataro Apartment, possessed by the Kenya Kwanza lawmaker, on January 15, where he paid Ksh 56,000 including Ksh 28,000 store and one month lease.

David Smittkamp the US-based minister of the Church of affection is hitched to a Kenyan lady who involved the lofts in Mosocho for a considerable length of time from January to March.

The minister had been informed that he would be discounted his Ksh 28,000 store when he chose to abandon the house on condition that the house was in wonderful condition.

“The guardian let me know he would give me the cash when the congressperson wired to him, yet he has not gotten that add up to pay me since March,” Mr. Smittkamp expressed.

Be that as it may, the minister needed to get back to the US and he needed to move from the house. He got some information about the store and he was informed the sum would be paid full sum on April 15, since his home was not harmed.

SA file image of Millicent Omanga
A file image of Millicent Omanga

The minister took the reaction merciful since he was satisfied and left the loft. He held up till April 16. Curiously, he had not gotten the cash as concurred. He chose to ask about the matter and the guardian of the house let him know that the cash will hit his versatile cash account whenever.

“It has been three months since I was informed the cash will be repaid and I have not seen something like this” he mourned.

The guardian distinguished as Vincent was making careful effort to make sense of why he had not sent the cash as guaranteed after let the minister know that in the event that the congressperson doesn’t send him the cash, he will guarantee he gets half of the store he had paid in a weeks time and clear the rest by May.

” I will guarantee I give half on the other hand prior the following month (May) I give another half. This is on the grounds that it stresses me a ton”

The American Pastor blamed the representative for conning him regardless of the legislator standing firm on a high foothold in government.

” I can’t help thinking about how an individual, with an elevated place as that of the representative would con individuals thusly.” he said

Millicent Omanga defense

In light of the allegations, the congressperson who is currently competing for a lady delegate seat in Nairobi held that she was unable to review the matter, alluding him to manage specialists.

“I don’t remember such a matter, I genuinely don’t remeber something like this, yet being an issue of lease and store Smittkamp ought to contact the partments specialists, who am certain will deal with the matter,” Omanga guaranteed.