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Milly WaJesus: Wedding lineup for free only for virgin couples.

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Content creator Milly WaJesus has changed her mind on the wedding card saying she will be willing to lineup at weddings for free. But this comes with several conditions.

She stated that due to the demand by her fans and followers, she will be on any wedding line up if the couple agrees to fast and pray with her for 21days and both be virgins.

“Watu wamejitetea sana on my inbox and email kuhusu my wedding price rate card. Nimeamua kufanya for free. Only if the couple is willing to fast and pray with me for 21days on the Mount and both be virgins. You also have to book me 6months in advance coz I will be busy praying with other couples. A marriage founded in God will stand a test of time. “She posted.

A photo file of Milly WaJesus

Milly’s wedding price rate card

On her price card, she talks a little about herself saying that she “has fun at weddings, comes with the life of a party husband, has a personal glam team, has a huge online presence and is also a great dancer.

Hiring Milly as a maid for half a day will cost you Ksh 360,000.

For the whole day you will have to give a huge check of Ksh 1 million and hiring her and her husband as the best couple of the day will cost you Ksh 3 million.

It will be Ksh 2 million if you want her and her husband to be a couple; whatever that means.

Apart from that, the buxom beauty also offers other services including After Party (Ksh 360,000) and Social Media Posting for the day (Ksh 1.5 million).

Pre-marital classes, again, whatever they are, will be free.

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