Miracle baby appeal for help to raise money for his medical surgery

GengeTone Artist Miracle Baby Asks For Financial Support After Being Hospitalized

Peter is a well known kenyan musician who was among the Sailors crew that released ‘mayeng’ hit song has revealed his current medical status

Through his social media account, “Peter has been having stomach issues since 2018 where he had obstruction in the intestines and he underwent the first surgery and it was successful.

Recently in 2020,the stomach started aching once in a while till yesterday where it started aching frequently , and we took him to Uhai neema when he was unconscious.

When an x-ray was taken, he was told he had another obstruction and the only way was to undergo another surgery which is costing 300,000.

We were refferrd to Nazareth hospital , when we reached there , reffered us to Lakeview hospital Naivasha.

We are pleading for help from you friends . 0719848841 For support. ” read the post.

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