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Miracle Baby blames Kenyans for Sailors gang fall out.

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Mwalimu Rachael opened a YouTube account for sailors gang. Now she has locked them out, claiming 1.5 million folds to get it back. The account currently has more than 7 million views. Their most popular “songs” Wamlambez, Queen B and Pekejeng have been uploaded to Master Rachel’s official channel.

Mwalimu Rachael demanded a total of Kenyan shillings 1.7 Million inorder to give Sailors gang back their accounts.

Later, a member if sailors gang early last year announced that he had decided to part ways with the gengetone crew and join the gospel music industry.

After the announcement that happened in January 2021, Sailors didn’t release any other song and seemingly their fans were concerned about them.

Sailors gang

One fan went ahead to ask where the sailors went coz it has been a minute before we heard from them.

“Kwani sailors walienda wapi? Hata concert ama ngoma hakuna any wanaonekana,” fans asked in a concerning way.

Miracle Baby went ahead to reply and seemed like he was still angry with Kenyans for not aiding their gang when they were falling out.

“Na hii swali ya ufala msee asiwai niuliza tena… World Mzima ilikuwa na ikaona tukinyaganywa vitu zetu zote including; accounts zetu, doo zetu, deals za mamillioni zikapingwa na mnajua nani aliduu hivo…. but ikanyamaziwa!!! Sioni tukisaidiana na maswali za ufala nkt!!. That’s why naduu kitu yenye inaweza niletea food kwa meza. Ukifeel uko na swali please I beg huwezi kosa nyanya amebaki uhai umuulize, “Miracle Baby replied.

(This is a very stupid question and nobody should ever ask it again. The whole world watched when all we had was being stolen including; Our accounts, All of our money and deals that would have earned us millions and you knew who did this to us… but you all kept quiet!! So I don’t see a way that we can help each other with such stupid questions . That’s why I’m doing whatever I’m doing to get food on my table. So incase you feel you have questions to ask I believe you still have a grandmother who is alive that you can go to and ask all your questions.) Translation of Miracle Baby reply.

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